From London, England to Kingston, Jamaica

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My mum and cousin will soon be flying off to the warmer-and hopefully drier climate-of Jamaica for a month-long holiday to stay with my Aunt.  As I am not going this year (boo) I am sending cake instead. How?  Well, traditionally when any of my family have gone "back home" to visit relatives, a barrel full of stuff is normally sent back a few weeks before travelling.  The barrel normally contains items such as  food stuffs, clothes and toys.  Included in the barrel that my mum is sending will be my brandy soaked Fruit Cake.  I made it in early May and have been soaking it in a tablespoon of  Brandy every week.  This is -so far- the furthest that I have sent a cake.  Hope my aunt and cousins enjoy it!!



Fruit Cake

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