Baking and Covid-19

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Covid 19 has hit many industries hard including the food industry.

At the end of March I made the decision to temporarily stop taking orders.  The reasons were not only due to Health and Safety but it was becoming increasingly hard to source ingredients in particular flour and golden caster sugar. Golden caster sugar at one point was being sold for nearly 5 times it price-people keen to profit out of the situation.  I am fortunate that I have an additional job, but many of my fellow bakers had to do whatever they could to ensure that they were able to stay in business.  Many were able to pivot their business.  For some this involved offering a weekly cake delivery service, cake by post and even delivering some of the hard to get items such as milk and eggs.  Doing whatever it takes to stay in business.

Slowly there appears to be a  new normal developing and with that I have decided to start taking orders again.  There will be a couple of changes.  Going forward, I will no long do fondant/sugarpaste covered cakes.  Only buttercream or ganache.  I have also introduced my every day cake section.  These cakes would be perfect for those who are still self isolating as well as for people who want cake, but don't want anything fancy.

Nobody knows what will happen going forward but let's do the best we can...


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