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It's 2020 so lets get blogging again! 

A recent order for me was for  Pus (!) cupcakes (along side some everyday chocolate cupcakes).  Now some bakers may be adverse to baking these type of cupcakes but for someone who made Red Blood Cell Cupcakes 8 years ago and went viral with them, I was well up for it.  So after the client confirmed my quote I was excited to get started on them.

The majority of the pus was made up of custard- I made this from sctatch.  The client wanted there to be a lemon curd flavour in there as well so I mixed some in with the custard and also put a dollop as the 'head' to the spot-lemon curd is the perfect colour for this.

The client was very happy- she said it was a birthday present for somone who likes to squeeze spots.

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